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Fresh Focus Wellness targets three core areas of health and wellness:

Fresh Focus Wellness targets three core areas of health and wellness:





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Physcal Actvity

Physical Activity Training & Coaching

Whether you're a mom in need of a Professional Wellness Coach or an athlete looking for a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fresh Focus Wellness can provide the blueprint for your journey.

We provide not only the encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and educational experience you deserve, but also the accountability and aha moments you'll definitely encounter as you reach new goals. We will re-energize you as you gain renewed self confidence. 

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching

For those on medications or battling infirmities, our registered and licensed dietitians will coach you to wellness. We also partner with a meal prep company for those needing guidance with this area.

If you're in need of nutritional guidance, Fresh Focus Wellness has a nutritionist prepared to lead you. As we meet you where you are, our "small change = big gains" approach will provide an educational dietary foundation that will lead to sustainable weight loss.

Therapeutic Remedies

Therapeutic Remedies

Our therapeutic remedies are designed to help our warriors feel better, move better, and relax. Our three fundamental therapeutic remedies are:

- Mobility 

- Massage 

- Meditation

Our mobility masters work to improve functional movement patterns. We assess your unique needs to address muscle pain, tightness, and weakness. We tailor your program to optimize your movement abilities.

Our massage partners are ready to support your overall wellness with therapeutic or deep tissue massage. Whether you just need to relax or your body requires special attention, our partners are qualified to give you a quality massage experience that will enhance your well-being. 

As a Christian organization, our therapeutic meditation is rooted in God's Word. Whether you desire to meditate on healing, peace, or rest, our meditations will calm your mind, body, and spirit.

Our Practitioners are ready to work with you. 


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