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I started my wellness journey with Teresa in August, 2019. As a 49 year old mother of two, I knew in order to lose weight I had to incorporate exercise into my busy lifestyle in addition to eating right; something I have never done before! In addition to the usual excuses of not having the extra time or money, I also struggled with putting myself first above my family. Now I realize this was the best decision for me and my family. I have lost over 40 lbs and besides feeling better, I have more energy and focus. When I first started exercising I could hardly walk on a treadmill without losing balance and now I can run on it. Looking back there have been many accomplishments. If you want a trainer who is knowledgeable in all aspects of physical training and can build the best exercise plan for you, but also be there for you emotionally and spiritually then Teresa is definitely the trainer for you! I truly believe I have the best trainer out there and am blessed God placed her in my life!

              - Vicki Miller

I was first introduced to Ms. T through my chiropractor's office. I was desperate to lose weight and joined a weight loss program. Ms. T was assigned as my trainer. After meeting her for the first time I was nervous, scared, and intimidated, but I was also very determined to reach my weight loss goal of losing 50 pounds. Eating right and working out with Ms. T helped me to achieve my goal in a year. The weight loss program is over, but I continue to work out with Ms. T, not only because I want to maintain my weight loss, but because I have other goals I would like to achieve. Working out with Ms. T has physically made me stronger, which is something I never would have dreamed of. I am mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. A session with her can be physically challenging, but she also makes it fun. It truly is one of the highlights of my week. I would encourage anyone to schedule a workout session with Ms. T. You will not regret it!


              - Adrienne Morris

What can I say! I have been struggling with my weight over the past year and needed help. I worked previously with Teresa at one of the chiropractic clinics and saw great results. I found myself gaining weight during COVID-19 and decided to return to her. I have always been impressed with Teresa's passion and knowledge as a Personal Trainer. She makes working out fun and challenging. I appreciate her desire to keep current with the changes in her trade. She takes the time to better improve her skills by enrolling in courses that will help improve her client's health. Teresa's not only concerned about the physical health of her clients but also about their emotional and spiritual well-being. She motivates and encourages me to take time for daily devotion. I also like the fact that she challenges me beyond the norm and doesn't to let my age become the center of attention. She knows my potential and expects me to reach it! I am confident that with Teresa's expertise and help, I will continue to improve my weight loss and health. Thank you Teresa for your professionalism and sensitivity to the needs of all your clients. I would strongly recommend Teresa to anyone needing a Personal Trainer.

              - Lotta Owens

I have been with Teresa Brown for over a year. She is a wonderful, spiritual, and to the point, trainer. She strives for each client to reach their full potential through physical activity, nutrition, and spiritual guidance. She makes our goal her goal and it is heartfelt. I highly recommend Teresa to help you reach and strive for your optimal well being.

              - Teresa Forbes

My fitness journey with Teresa began over 2 years ago by participating in a Wellness Program at Revive Chiropractic Centers. Since then I have gained great respect for Teresa an a wellness coach. She plans workouts according to ones ability. Teresa keeps a watchful eye on you to make sure your form is correct for maximum benefit and to prevent injuries. She is definitely interested in your wellness journey. Teresa is a source of encouragement and I consider her to be a good friend.

              - Joy Broyles

Fresh Focus Wellness answered two questions I had for my health: What am I going to do and whom do I trust my fitness health care to?

When I became acquainted with Fresh Focus Wellness (FFW) I knew I was in good hands. See, I'm used to functional medicine care and although I am not taken care of by a functional meds doctor, I get the expected care at that level with FFW. FFW creates care plans that are customized to the individuals need just like a functional doctor. That answered my "What am I going to do."    


Having previously worked with Teresa, I trusted her professionalism and am confident with my choice that I got the right one baby. Choosing FFW gave me a fresh focus and a professional that truly cares about my life and healthy living.


              - Rekaliah M. 

Fresh Focus is a perfect name for Teresa's fitness program. I first met her when I was at my chiropractor. I was wanting exercises to help with my core strength, balance, and posture. Dr. Nick felt working with her could help. It has been a great program for me. She talks with me about areas that I have pain and then focus's on those. I am not there for weight reduction but more for muscle toning and pain reduction. One of the best benefits I have found is something I did not expect: mental therapy. She is always positive and her love of Christ shows in how she treats you and how she conducts her business. We have discussed many topics during my training visits and I have told several friends that I not only get a good workout but also feel like I get spiritual nourishment as well. 

              - Teresa McLendon

Teresa Brown, Owner of Fresh Focus Wellness is a Certified Wellness Coach and knows what she's doing to put you on track for meeting your goals. She gets the results that you can literally see from before and after photos! She has helped me not only lose weight, but has also helped me to get my medications lowered and my A1C to 5.9, a number I haven't seen in years. I continue to work with Teresa because of her knowledge, compassion, and spirituality, not to mention I know that I will reach my ultimate goal of optimal health and wellness.

              - Thomas Peoples III

I have been working with Teresa Brown since February 2019. She is always pleasant and encouraging! Teresa continues to create interesting and challenging workouts to improve my body strength, flexibility, and overall health! Also of note, with her nutritional guidance and exercise plans, I lost 25 pounds and have kept most of it off!!! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their overall health and fitness to work with Teresa Brown of Fresh Focus Wellness!

              - Jaccie Barnes

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